The Internet of Things represents the biggest disrupter of industry since the introduction of the internet itself. The possibilities are endless.

quote open The IoT is already transforming enterprise but many questions remain for business leaders. This digital summit aims to equip each attendee with insights and case studies, which will help bridge that gap between IoT buzz and successful real world deployments. quote open

Caroline Gabriel, Research Director & Co-Founder, Rethink Technology Research


Join us to start formulating your answers to the biggest questions of how your organization can:

  • secure data and user privacy
  • turn mountains of data into profitable services
  • evolve current IT structures to support the organization’s commercial objectives for IoT

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‘Monetizing IoT Digital Summit’ – 12-13 October 2016

The Monetizing IoT (Internet of Things) event series aims to inform and support enterprise IoT strategy. As technology solutions begin to mature, enterprises need to make plans and preparations now or risk being left behind by their faster-moving competitors.

These events are about helping to reduce risk and remove barriers inhibiting investment decisions. It’s where decision-makers can hear experts debate practical strategies to join the dots, and learn how to leverage IoT technologies for commercial success.

The Monetizing IoT Digital Summit on 12-13 October focuses on the key themes of data mining Big Data and security. It’s aimed at leaders in Enterprise IT, CIOs and their teams, and Enterprise CFOs and management engaged in IoT strategy.

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