We have carefully considered our themes and topics to ensure they resonate with our audience. Our conference speakers will bring the topics alive. And we’d like to have some amazing and memorable sessions in Copenhagen. How can you contribute?

It starts at the very beginning. Amaze us with an awesome call for papers submission.

How can you grab our attention? With a fantastic submission title and an exciting proposal which doesn’t rely on powerpoint. Be creative. Try interacting with your audience, consider a Q&A session or run a poll. Think carefully about the angle to take on your proposal and how it aligns to the key themes of the conference. Have the confidence to send in a dynamic and lively submission – it makes things interesting for our delegates and encourages them to remember you and your subject matter.

If your submission is successful, bear in mind that your fellow delegates don’t want a sales pitch. They want useful, tangible information – whether that’s a big announcement, a call to action or a case study showing how you’ve found your way through some of the issues.

Get to know your audience. Engage with your fellow delegates in advance of the conference. Attend the pre-conference webinar, join our LinkedIn page and start making connections before you arrive in Copenhagen. All this activity can be used to inform your presentation, making it relevant to your audience.

Watch the clock!

Be timely. Both with your attendance ahead of your conference slot and with your speech. With a packed conference schedule, there’s a lot to get through. Please don’t overrun your allocated timeslot.

Practice, practice, practice.

We know how unnerving it can be to stand on stage in front of your audience. Take time to rehearse and practice – trust us, it helps with the nerves.

Presentations in advance.

With so much going on at the conference the last thing you want is to be worrying that your presentation (if you’re using one) is showing as you intended. Our AV team is amazing but we need to have your presentation in advance – and if you want to use a new or unusual format, give us a heads up ahead of the event so we can make sure we’re prepared. Just to be doubly sure, please bring along a copy on the day on a USB stick.


You’re on the stage. You know your topic, you’ve met most of the audience and you’ve practiced your speech. Good luck and try to enjoy it – that will come over in your delivery.

We hope this helps and look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen.

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