Monetizing IoT (Internet of Things) events offer the opportunity to share best practice, hear the experts debate practical solutions and advance learning. Make real progress in leveraging IoT technology to benefit your business, and enable intelligent investment decisions. Learn from leading edge thinkers and take away practical solutions which will inform your business strategy and application of IoT.

With ever increasing data available, learn about the key obstacles which need to be overcome and discover the solutions for your business. The Monetizing IoT Digital Summit on 12-13 October is first in a pioneering event series which will inform, enhance and enable IoT to work for your business.

Monetizing IoT Digital Summit
The topics

Big data. Big questions.

Future proofing: enable intelligent investment decisions by understanding the high level concepts which will shape your future opportunities to use big data.

Big data versus smart data: discover how to target and unlock which data sources are valuable to your business.

Epicentre energy: when and where should data be mined?

Standards and fragmentation: up to date guidance and advice from the experts at the forefront of technology

Scalability: learn from real life case studies to future-proof your architecture

Pushing the limits: understand how developing data mining techniques will change the way your business can utilize and present data.

Man or machine: evaluate the risks of trusting all data analysis to the IoT and gain an appreciation of which human skills will still apply in a digital world

Overcoming vulnerability

Globalization: how to develop a global system, recognising the variations in privacy laws in different regions

Stepping up: navigating the step change between the old world and the new – and can security scale up alongside?

Compromise: managing the conflict of interests between security and big data

Putting it in context: data lifecycles and the legacy of data

Embedding security: it may currently be economically unviable on a large scale, but is it even desirable to incorporate encryption?

Standards: get the latest industry updates on supporting a multi-layered security policy



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