Monetizing IoT Digital Summit
The topics

Big data. Big questions.

Future proofing: enable intelligent investment decisions by understanding the high level concepts which will shape your future opportunities to use big data.

Big data versus smart data: discover how to target and unlock which data sources are valuable to your business.

Epicentre energy: when and where should data be mined?

Standards and fragmentation: up to date guidance and advice from the experts at the forefront of technology

Scalability: learn from real life case studies to future-proof your architecture

Pushing the limits: understand how developing data mining techniques will change the way your business can utilize and present data.

Man or machine: evaluate the risks of trusting all data analysis to the IoT and gain an appreciation of which human skills will still apply in a digital world

Overcoming vulnerability

Globalization: how to develop a global system, recognising the variations in privacy laws in different regions

Stepping up: navigating the step change between the old world and the new – and can security scale up alongside?

Compromise: managing the conflict of interests between security and big data

Putting it in context: data lifecycles and the legacy of data

Embedding security: it may currently be economically unviable on a large scale, but is it even desirable to incorporate encryption?

Standards: get the latest industry updates on supporting a multi-layered security policy

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